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    unable to access  ias_portal


      When i try to access my oracle portal instance ( ias_portal) it is giving the following error:
      Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at localhost:18101.

      The URL i am trying to access is :

      I am new to this so dont have much idea on where to check the errror logs e.t.c
      Please help!
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          Erik Janssen-Oracle
          The URL which you have mentioned in your post is not a Portal URL. It is the URL for the Enterprise Manager Console. Your Enterprise Manager Console may not be up and running. You can use the emctl command to start it :
          emctl start iasconsole
          Your Portal URL will look like http://localhost:port/pls/portal (where port represents the port number at install, 7777 by default on Unix systems unless infrastructure is running on this server as well and 80 by default on Windows systems). Check the portlist.ini in your $ORACLE_HOME/install directory for the port numbers in use by your installation.