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    Need to implement log out button in struts application

      Struts Application is deployed on weblogic 10.3 server and uses AD for authentication.
      When user enters the url of application in IE , weblogic provides a popup for user to enter userid and password.

      Need to implement log out button in struts application.

      Issues Faced:
      Used session invalidate, but invalidating session or removing session attributes does not remove the user credentials.
      The user credentials are saved within the weblogic container.

      Solution Needed:
      When user presses logout button on UI, The user credentials should be removed from container and when the user tries to re-login, the popup should be again shown .

      Note: if the browser window and its child windows are closed then the login prompt is again asked when user opens a new window. Or in IE8 if user opens a window using new session from Menu of IE.

      But if the initial window in which the user credentials are entered is not closed and even after the application is removed and re-deployed even then there is no login prompt asked. The previously entered user credentials are used automatically.