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    Need help understanding Kanban card supply status

      I'm just now getting my arms around the Oracle Kanban process. I have discovered that Kanban card supply status, when Empty, will automatically change to Full after material is transacted into the designated Kanban location (replenishment transaction could be a PO receipt for supplier-based Kanban, or a Move Order transfer for a inter/intra org-based Kanban).

      However, my testing so far has shown that Kanban card supply status WILL NOT automatically change from Full when material is transacted out of the designated Kanban location. The system seems to demand user intervention to change card status if status is currently FULL, even if the decrementing transaction is a move order from the follow-on Kanban location within a pull sequence. Perhaps this is in keeping with the spirit of Kanban.

      My questions are: is my understanding correct...will card supply status automatically change to FULL following location replenishment, but never change from FULL when material is transacted out of location? Or are my set-ups messed up somewhere?

      Thanks much.