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    SOA Suite Integration with E-BS R12.1.3


      We are trying SOA Suite integration with EBS R12.1.3. We have created a business event. In the BPEL process we have added an Oracle Application adapter which is linked to the custom business event.
      A receive activity is created to dequeue the messages from the event. The project is successfully deployed onto the weblogic server.

      When we test the business event, a new row is created in a table WF_BPEL_QTAB with an enqueue time and id. But it is not dequeued and hence there is no result shown on the BPEL console.

      What can be wrong here? Are there any patches that need to be applied to WebLogic SOA installation?
      We have put fndext.jar under */home/oracle/Oracle/Middleware/user_projects/domains/base_domain/lib* where base_domain is our SOA domain.

      regards, Yora
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          Please check if the Receive activity in your BPEL process has the Create Instance checkbox selected. I believe that this is necessary for the process to be invoked.
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            Yes it is checked.
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              This the error we got on the weblogic logs.
              Caused by: BINDING.JCA-12517
              Endpoint Activation Error.
              AdapterFrameworkImpl::endpointActivation - Endpoint Activation Error.
              The Resource Adapter Oracle Applications Adapter was unable to activate the endp oint oracle.tip.adapter.apps.AppsWFBesQueueDequeueActivationSpec:
              {QueueName=WF_B PEL_Q, DatabaseSchema=APPS, Consumer=ORA_8523egq464rjee9p8gpk8da66t, 
              MessageSele ctorRule=tab.user_data.event_name = 'xxcustom.oracle.apps.demo.integration', App sEventSchema=NO_SCHEMA} due to the following reason: BINDING.JCA-11611
              Invalid InteractionSpec Exception.
              The javax.resource.cci.Interaction of type [class oracle.tip.adapter.apps.AppsWF BesQueueDequeueActivationSpec]
               is not supported.
              You may have mistakenly looked up an adapter of the wrong kind.  This is the dat abase adapter.
              Supported specs (for DatabaseAdapter) are [[oracle.tip.adapter.db.DBActivationSp ec]].  
              Verify the values location in the deployment descriptor (i.e. weblogic-ra .xml) and jca address in the 
              wsdl are correct and dont conflict with any other a dapter.
              Please correct the reported issue and redeploy the BPEL process.
              Any suggestions?