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    Not able to receive PO when ASN exists:"Invalid value for SHIPMENT_NUM”

      I created an ASN for a PO. I received the same. This ASN was for 20 of the 100 total qty.

      When i am trying to receive some more qty through normal receipt (PO Supervisor- Receiving-Receipts) by giving the PO number, it gives a message ”There is an ASN associated with the PO, please enter shipment number before proceeding”.

      I enter the correct shipment number, but it gives an error: “Invalid value for SHIPMENT_NUM”

      I checked the Receiving Options – ASN control – and it is “Warning” only. I am doing the receipt in the same org as the PO.

      ASN info exists on the RCV_SHIPMENT_HEADERS table, I could see it in RCV_TRANSACTION_INTERFACE before and when RTP was run it went away and got into RCV_SHIPMENT_HEADERS.