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    rdfs:range and inference


      If we have "p rdfs:range aClass" OWLPrime does not seem to infer that p is a property. Therefore p has to be defined explicitly as a property before using it in a SEM_MATCH query. Is that how OWLPrime should work?

      Regards Christian

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          Hi Christian,

          It is a good idea to explicitly type your properties. In this case, p could be an owl object property, datatype property, annotation property, rdf:property etc.

          RDFSAXIOMS component does include the following RDFS axiomatic triple.

          rdfs:range rdfs:domain rdf:Property .

          If you do want to see p type rdf:Property then you can include component RDFSAXIOMS on top of OWLPRIME with your create_entailment call.

          Alternatively, you can simply insert the above axiomatic triple into your graph and inference engine will take care of the rest.


          Zhe Wu