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    Runtime error:429

      Hi all,

      I ve installed interactive reporting While trying to open Dashboard studio, Dashboard architect, am getting "Runtime error:429 ActiveX component cant create object."
      EPM system essbase /planning is already installed on this machine and is working fine. After installation of HIR, i was not able to find any new services pertaining to IR(also , during configuration, i was not able to see anything new in the configuration list-is this fine??) But am able to open up IR studio successfully.

      My directX components are uptodate.

      Please do help me out.

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          The behavior you see regarding the IR Services not available after you have installed the IR Studio, is as expected. For IR Studio client installation, there is no services available as it is a standalone desktop client.

          Per the release, you may see the following service for the IR functionality, "Hyperion Reporting and Analysis Framework". Make sure you have this service up and running to work the IR Instance.

          Hope this helps.

          Aejaz Shaikh
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            thanks for replying. yes "Hyperion Reporting and Analysis Framework" service is running fine. IR studio is opening without any problem, but when i try to open the dashboard. its throwing the error. DirectX is up to date in my system.
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              The issue could either be with the Dashboard Studio / DDS installation or it could be with the mismatch of the version between your IR Studio and the Dashboard Development Services (DDS).

              Please Make sure Interactive Reporting Studio that you have installed is the same version of your Dashboard Studio / Dashboard Development Services (DDS). Also, Please confirm the version of the Hyperion release, is it or

              Aejaz Shaikh
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                All that i did was downloaded two zip files from edelivery version
                Hyperion Interactive Reporting Release Part 1 of 2 V25471-01
                Hyperion Interactive Reporting Release Part 2 of 2 for Microsoft Windows (64-bit)      V25501-01
                IR studio/dashboard everything was part of this installation. How can there be difference in version?
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                  i have been looking for this. i also faced this problem many times but after reading this article i fixed it. Thanks for sharing this post. i also got some help from this article [error 429|http://www.error429.com] , hope someone might get help from this article.

                  Runtime error 429: “ActiveX component can’t create object”

                  Reinstall Windows Script
                  Repair Windows Script File Information in Registry
                  Reregister Concerning File
                  Reset Internet Explorer Settings
                  Restore your Computer
                  Repair System Files