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    Error in submitting Complex PO

      when submit the complex PO for approval i got this error

      UOM(Unit Of Measure) of Line # 1 does not match with the UOM(Unit Of Measure) of the corresponding Shipment # 0 .

      any idea

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          Hussein Sawwan-Oracle
          What is your application release?

          Please see these docs.

          UOM Of Line # 1 Does Not Match With The Uom Of The Corresponding Shipment # 0 [ID 1322729.1]
          eBusiness Tax Release 12 Error Messages: Causes and Actions [ID 744185.1]
          R12 BWC : Able to Submit And Approve PO with Project and Task Without Charge Or Accrual Account [ID 1310997.1]
          Items in OPM Subledger for CERT Subevent Are Shown in Secondary UOM [ID 1061090.1]
          In Professional Buyer Work Center ( PBWC ), Project Information Text Boxes Are Not Available [ID 1324154.1]

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            This is a common bug in Complex PO ... you have to apply the patch which mentioned in 1322729.1

            Amr Hussien