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    Is not supporting  Solaris 11 on V series sensible?

      Solaris 11 only to be supported on M and T series. (This may have been announced long ago .. perhaps I was hibernating).

      Referring to {message:id=9892188} and http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/server-storage/solaris11/downloads/index-454418.html accessed at time of post.


      Some V series kit has been on sales relatively recently, and it is of concern to note it will not be supported on Solaris 11.


      The disadvantage of supporting some of that kit on solaris 11 might be additional code ... or perhaps it would be technically not feasible or sensible.

      However not being able to use solaris 11 for proof of concept on 'V' series might cause some to look elsewhere.

      It may also be an obsolence concern for some 'M' series customers .... wil they be dumped at some point soon.


      okay I know there is perhaps the option of using x86.

      And perhaps at least T1000/T2000 are supported.

      And perhaps by the timescale solaris 11 gains market impact there will be no 'V' series left ...

      RIPV :(
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          Well, so it seems.

          The most recently sold V-hardware are V490 and V880, which have a last-order-date of April 2009. Dropping the support for that platform might be a bit to early indeed, but the rest of the servers haven't been soled since 2007/2008, to me it makes sense to drop it.

          Then again, i used to work at Support Services, and used to curse the fact that Sun always supported junked hardware and ancient OS'es long after they should have been EOL'ed and sent to the nearest museum.

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            Whilst the decision to drop sun4u support (with the exception of M-Series) from the Solaris 11 Release may disappoint some people, the decision to do so has been approved by the relevant management, business, and technical teams. The technical reason relates to PSARC/2011/062. Sun4u machines prior to the M-series require Solaris to handle Virtual Address Cache (VAC) aliasing. The VAC support is being eliminated in preparation for the introduction of Virtual Memory 2.0 (VM2) functionality which has been pending deployment for quite some time now. Supporting the sun4u with VM2 requires a huge effort of both design and implementation.

            As abrante mentioned, most of the systems covered by the change either have, or are about to, drop off End Of Support Life (EOSL). See http://www.oracle.com/us/support/library/lifetime-support-hardware-301321.pdf for more information about EOL & EOSL dates & those systems which are covered by a Lifetime Support Policy. Solaris and most of the Legacy-Sun software products are also covered under the Lifetime Support Policy. See http://www.oracle.com/us/support/library/lifetime-support-hardware-301321.pdf. So it's not all bad news. Between the HW & SW support policies and that fact that S10 is still being developed with future updates planned, there's years left in the sun4u estates yet.
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              Thanx Steve got taking the time to answer, I find the technical point on the VAC interesting and have marked your post correct on that basis.

              I still find it a little discorting some relatively recent sparc hardware wont support Solaris 11; while some earlier x86 kit probably can. Sometimes it is useful test some upgrade on the kit that is just going out of server life ... though perhaps with all the virtualization that is now happening that is less important than earlier life cycles.

              Ah well, v240's have gone the way of sparc station 10's ....