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    Question about Java 1.5 compilation and Execution on Apple iPad 2

      Despite the fact that everyone on the internet seems to say Official Java and ipad/ipad2 support will not happen,
      I would like to press this issue a little further.

      Is it yet possible to run a java.class file on ipad2,
      -without resorting to a java applet in a browser?
      -Using a java applet?
      -installing a java runtime, officially or unnofficially (say, gcj, or another community effort) ?

      -I know about JXXX, which allows me to compile java files, howerver it doesn't automatically have
      rt.jar or javaee.jar for 1.5,1.6,1.7 yet.

      I there a web browser on the internet that allows one to compile and execute
      java code programs (inside an applet say), that provides real time System outputs,
      and even supports events and all such? That I could use in ipad2 Safari?

      webrenderer requires developers to pay $, at webrenderlink

      Is there a no cost version like webrenderer?

      if so, what is the URL?

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