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    Pivot table column heading

      I have a situation, its very hard to explain but I ll try my best.

      I created a pivot table and this is what I did:

      1) Under 'Rows', I brought in the 'Measure Labels' (not the actual measures, just the default Measure Labels)
      2) Under 'Measures', I brought in all the columns (measures), I need to show. M1 to M15
      3) Under 'Columns', I brought in one column that has to be displayed on top. C1

      Now, the situation is, there would be a blank row beside C1 (i.e.,) first row of first column(1st record) is blank (this is by default and known behavior).
      This table would look somewhat like an account statement/ledger.
      My requirement is I need to display the heading of the first row (ie.,) heading for C1 in the first row, first column or anywhere beside the column (could be outside the table.)
      The only thing is client needs to display the heading for that column.
      Please help
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          Deepak Gupta
          Take help from here http://bintelligencegroup.wordpress.com/2010/09/08/changing-column-indent-color-in-pivot-tables/
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            Hi Deepak,
            Thanks for the reply.That was close. I should have been clearer. What I meant by heading was I wanted to display the actual column name.
            Example: I want to display the word 'Amount' at that place.

            OR may be you understood it right and showed me the right direction but I couldn't get the hint of it. From the link you sent, I think thats for formatting the background,etc..
            Please correct me if I m wrong.
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              Hi ,

              If my understanding is correct, you need to add a heading above the column.Something like this("Your Measure name" heading) as shown here,


              If yes , add a column to your answers request in the column formula(remove the existing formula) type in the heading, in my case i have typed 'Your Measure name'.Add this column section of your pivot view.This will solve your issue.

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                You are close....I need the heading 'Your heading name' beside the current position of 'Your heading name'.

                Currently, its in 2nd column of 1st row right, I need it in 1st column of 1st row.
                Hope you got it.
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                  This is my requirement---
                  I got this online but it doesnt seem to work


                  I added Narrative view/static view but it displays as a separate view beside the table and not in the 1st row.
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                    The link I posted above worked fine.
                    Thank you all for the help.
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                      Try this:

                      To get a label above the column headings, you can try this in a pivot table:

                      1) In the Criteria, get a CHAR column -- doesn't matter what -- click on the fx button and enter this:

                      CASE WHEN 1=0 THEN tablename.columnname ELSE 'name of the label' END

                      2) In your pivot table, drag alll your dimension columns into the "Measures" section of the pivot table and change the aggregation rule to "Max."

                      3) Move the column from step on into the "Columns" section of the pivot table above the "Measure Labels."

                      Now you will have a "label" column above the header columns as you requested, for a pivot table.
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                        Thanks for responding but it worked for me when I followed the steps from the link I posted and that is the behavior I wanted.
                        I tried yours as well but it is throwing an error.
                        However, thanks for responding.