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    HELP!! where can I get support on old SUN hardware

      Oracle has put all SUN hardware related downloads into Oracle Support which not free for an old SUN workstation user.

      Now I am looking for a new version BIOS for upgrade but nowhere to download.

      P.S. it is SUN java workstation w1100z

      I'd APPRECIATE any information if someone could give me that where could I get the "10275907 Sun W2100z/1100z Workstations Supplemental CD 2.5".
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          I doubt you'll get it for free.
          Oracle now owns that intellectual property and has chosen to only let paying customers get access to it.

          You need to buy a service contract on the hardware, then you would get support for that hardware. Considering the age of that W1100z platform (it first shipped in 2004), I doubt Oracle would sell a new contract onto it.

          By the way, you'll likely get the same answer at your cross-posted thread at the other forum web site:

          The only possibility for you that I can foresee is that someone, some-when, may eventually sell one on an online auction site (such as eBay).