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        XE dedicated forum, where questions like this belongs: {forum:id=251}

        To get back on track with op -

        If you would have read the Installation Guide, as it mentions how to deal with port numbers:

        I guess easiest choice (if this is a new install) is to deinstall and install again, as already suggested. To get the port number choice, just make sure Tomcat uses port 8080 before you start installing, which should, per doc, give you the prompt for ports.

        The other option would be to (scrolling down in the doc page a bit) download response file and use that. Modify the HTTPPort section to use e.g. 8081. Then run setup.exe from command line with arguments to use the modified response file.

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          Billy  Verreynne  wrote:
          EdStevens wrote:

          The database doesn't run on any port at all. The database doesn't require any networking.
          Actually it does. Never say never and all that... :-)

          Dispatcher processes actively binds and listens on tcp ports:

          And <i><b>I</b></i> stand corrected!
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