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    New crypto FOSS - StrongKey CryptoEngine


      I know its tacky to post product-related announcements on this forum - even when they might be for free and open-source software. However, given that it is Java-based, focuses on cryptography and key-management, uses Sun/Oracle JDK, Glassfish 3 and was built using Netbeans, I figured that the forum might forgive this transgression to learn about, what we think, is some cool stuff. Here's the README text below. Details on the FOSS can be found at http://www.cryptoengine.org while the source/binaries are at http://sourceforge.net/projects/skce/.



      This is the 1.0 release of the StrongKey CryptoEngine (SKCE), a Java program that allows you to encrypt/decrypt files and store them in public/private clouds while protecting encryption keys in a secure device - the StrongAuth KeyAppliance.

      The SKCE currently works with AWS S3, Microsoft Azure and Eucalyptus Walrus. The SHA256 digests of the files are:

      1df8c3774e1aa7b58156eaea4c5b383eada4ef8ebc0e1f25706f60d2b272f8ee skce-src-v1.0-build-6.zip
      44f2e6f5cf8967d2f73f04a53c7a59a668877e909b1eb135cf842ecfad5f3d0e skce-v1.0-build-6.zip

      The software is configured to work with a DEMO KeyAppliance on the internet. The generated symmetric keys are sent there for storage and retrieval. Please DO NOT attempt to use the DEMO machine for PRODUCTION use - there are no guarantees around the availability of the DEMO appliance - it exists purely to showcase the capabilities of our products and to allow you to play with the SKCE to try it out. If and when you decide to use the SKCE in your production applications, you must buy your own KeyAppliances, or build your own key-management solution to use with the SKCE - we, obviously, hope that you'll buy the KeyAppliance from us :-).

      Download the binaries, source and give it a spin. If you have questions, post them on the forum at the SourceForge site. We're interested in your feedback - good or bad.

      Thank you.