5 Replies Latest reply on Sep 28, 2011 4:54 AM by Samantha-Oracle can't create validate rule in FDM


      maybe someone can help me: I am trying to use FDM to import data from EBS, export data into HFM.
      import step was successful, when I create validate rule, I open rule editor and open lookup to select HFM dimension.
      I find that All of the HFM dimension in lookup are gray, not available to use.
      It seems target(HFM) is inactive in FDM.
      I have no idea, I register the target adapter FM11X-G5-E.

      detail info:
      version: talleyrand PS1,
      DB is in linux, I installed DB client on FDM server.

      Could you give me some hint? thank you.

      Best regards,