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    Where to log after calling BSSV from within C BSFN?

      I called a BSSV object from within a C BSFN. This BSSV object will return E1MessageList. I want to know where can I log these E1 Messages from within the C BSFN? Any documentation about this is greatly appreciated.

      I'm using E900 and JDeveloper 11g.

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          Jan Hox
          Saw your query and don't know if this is still an issue for you ?

          You are calling a BSSV from within a C BSFN meaning you are consuming from that BSSV an external web service.
          The E1MessageList generated in the BSSV you can not return as such to the calling BSFN.
          I would suggest you simply create a new logging BSFN suitable for your specific purposes with a DSTR reflecting the parameters of the E1MessageList object such as ErrorAlphaDescription, ErrorDataDictionaryItem, ErrorFileName, ErrorGlossaryText, ErrorLevel, ErrorSourceLineNumber, etc...
          Just before the finishInternalMethod you can read through the E1MessageList array and parse out the data. For every element found you call your custom logging BSFN which in turn can then write this data to a file or whatever.

          Hope this helps!
          Jan Hox
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            Bruno Condemi
            The Jan's solution is good but there are times when we need to know into the C context the return of the operation.

            If this is your requierement just ad into the value object of the BSSV the field you want to know from E1Messages class and, after the execution, parse the content into your C bsfn.

            I hope to add more value to the previsus proposed valuable solution.

            Best Regards.

            Bruno Condemi