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    remote desktop connection

      Hi all,

      I had installed rhel 5.3, I want to access this machine remotely through vncviewer. To do this need to enable remoter desktop, but there is no option avail
      in graphic menu.Please solve this problem or tell me alternative solution to access desktop through vncviewer.
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          Catch 22
          To setup and troubleshoot VNC server is not difficult. The below is from my notes:
          1. Type 'vncserver' to start the VNC server:
          [oracle@ol1 ~]$ vncserver
          New 'ol1.example.com:1 (oracle)' desktop is ol1.example.com:1
          Starting applications specified in /home/oracle/.vnc/xstartup
          Log file is /home/oracle/.vnc/ol1.example.com:1.log
          2. To make sure VNC server is running:
          [oracle@ol1 ~]$ ps -ef | grep vnc
          oracle   12177     1  0 23:40 pts/1    00:00:00 Xvnc :1 -desktop ol1.example.com:1 (oracle)
          -httpd /usr/share/vnc/classes -auth /home/oracle/.Xauthority -geometry 1024x768 -depth 16
          -rfbwait 30000 -rfbauth /home/oracle/.vnc/passwd -rfbport 5901 -pn
          oracle   12491 12148  0 23:48 pts/1    00:00:00 grep vnc
          3. Verify VNC server is listening for connections and show TCP port:
          [root@ol1 ~]# lsof -i tcp:5901
          Xvnc    12177 oracle    4u  IPv4 5068242       TCP *:5901 (LISTEN)
          4. Kill VNC server:
          [oracle@ol1 .vnc]$ vncserver -kill ol1.example.com:1
          To start a VNC session on your client computer:
          Use VNCViewer or any other VNC client i.e. /System/Library/CoreServices/Screen Sharing (MacOSX).
          In the address filed type your server's IP address and port. e.g. ol1.example.com:5901
          You can then also connect to the server using a normal ssh session without X-Forwarding and
          display a X-Windows application on the remote VNC client:
          [oracle@ol1 .vnc]$ export DISPLAY=:1
          [oracle@ol1 .vnc]$ xlock