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    Is Rule Manager bundled in 11g or an option


      I would like to use Rule Manager in 11g in an Amazon EC machine instance. I wonder if Rule Manager
      is bundled in 11g standard or enterprise or is it an additional option in which case I can't use a supplied
      machine instance but have to install oracle 11g with option on EC2 which is much tricker.

      Also the same question about MultiTenancy. Is this bundled or an option?


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          According with "*Oracle® Database Rules Manager and Expression Filter Developer's Guide 11g Release 2 (11.2)*":

          +Rules Manager and Expression Filter are installed automatically with Oracle Database 10g Standard Edition and Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition and higher. Each is supplied as a set of PL/SQL packages, a Java package, a set of dictionary
          tables, and catalog views. All these objects are created in a dedicated schema named EXFSYS.+


          But notice that this feature will be discontinued in next major release of Oracle Database. (see [ID 1244535.1])