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Express edition 11g datafiles Issue

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Hi All,

After installing the Oracle database express edition 11g on the 32 bit windows there are some issues with the datafile naming convention.

The datafile undotbs01.dbf belongs to the SYSAUX tablepsace & sysaux01.dbf belongs to the UNDO tablespace.

I don't knw the recurperssion of the same OR whether it is Bug ???

Please help.
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    it's a known bug, as reported here: {thread:id=2207251} and here {thread:id=2289198} ...

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    And the fix is easy, as long as you don't mind shutting down the database and a startup mount;

    And don't move sysaux.dbf onto the existing undotbs1.dbf, using a slightly different name would be a Very Good Idea ...
    $ sqlplus /nolog
    shutdown immediate;
    ... database closed ...
    cd <.dbf files directory>
    mv sysaux.dbf undotbs01.dbf
    mv undotbs1.dbf sysaux.dbf
    $ sqlplus /nolog
    startup mount
    ... mounted ...
    alter database rename file '<dir>/sysaux.dbf' to '<dir>/undotbs01.dbf';
    alter database rename file '<dir>/undotbs1.dbf' to '<dir>/sysaux.dbf';
    alter database open;
    Of course, for those of you on Windows, it's going to cost four extra keystrokes ... mv ... move ;)
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    It is disappointing to know that an obvious bug that was reported during the beta process was not fixed. I thought that was the whole reason for doing a beta release. Hopefully it was just on oversight for this one bug, and other bugs were fixed.


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