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    ConnectionFactory in Java stored procedure


      I'm new to JMS, in fact I'm new to Java generally speaking.

      Question I have is, can one create a connectionFactory in a Java Stored Procedure on the Oracle Database ?
      If so, how do I go about doing so?

      the example in the documentation;

      shows one how to setup a connectionFactory using a JDBC thin driver, but presumably the driver is not necessary. Not sure either way, and a brief description would be most appreciated.
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          Perhaps my question should be rephrased.
          Can anyone help with regard to how I can get started with initiating a JMS client session within the Oracle database ?

          The documentation
          states that;
          In Oracle Database 10g, you can create as many JMS Sessions as resources allow using a single JMS Connection, when using either JDBC thin or JDBC thick (OCI) drivers.

          So it probably is possible but it sounds as though I have to create a "JMS Connection" first before I can initiate a JMS session, so how do I create a JMS connection to the local database?
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            Nigel Deakin-Oracle
            This looks like a question specific to Oracle® Streams Advanced Queuing, so I suggest you ask in the forum for that product:
            Advanced Queueing

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