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    Attaching/Subclassing Object Libraries Without Opening in 6i FMB

      Hi All,

      Our requirement is to subclass a object group which contains different set of elements in it. (i.e. Blocks, Property classes, Canvas etc) how can we subclass this OLB in a form without opening the form in a 6i Builder. Tried the header functions available in Forms C API but i find no API which allows this type of operations to be done for object libraries. We have successfully automated such redundant activities for other items like canvas, items etc.

      Can you suggest a way to achieve this in a object library, if its possible. Because we need to do this for nearly 500+ forms. Why we are thinking of this alternative is because of the fact that if we have these elements said above in a object group of a template form, we will have to drag and drop this object group in each forms from template form.

      Its a new object group and we are not in a position to add the newly created elements into any other existing object group because of few other reasons which may disturb the existing functionality, because if we can do that recompiling all forms against template form will have the newly created elements reflected.

      Hope i have conveyed it clearly, please comment and advice to achieve our requirement.

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