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    Not able to boot from net

      Hi -

      I am facing an issue while booting a server from net.

      The Jump start server is configured properly, I am able to boot other clients which are in the same network.
      I am facing the issue with only one server.

      The Client which I am trying to boot has VLAN tagging & connected to a "Trunk port" at the switch end.
      Other servers which are connected to "Access port" at the switch end are reaching JET build box.

      Any one has idea, how to boot the server from net if it is connected to trunk port & VALN tagging is enabled ??


      Thanks in Advance :)
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          without testing i don't think that VLAN's should cause any problems, unless perhaps if you have several VLAN's on the port. But the trunking might be a problem since the PROM most likely don't support a trunk..

          I suppose you would have to fix it by connecting the server to the network without a trunk, or directly to the jumpstart server somehow.