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    S7120 slow/errornous storage of excel/powerpoint/word in ADS environment

      Recently we migrate form our SUN PCNL to ADS (Windows 2008) with S7120 storage. The S7120 is pretty fast but if users try to store large (~100-150MB) excel/ppt/word files it is to store file is getting very slow and sometimes it fails.

      The way MS-office store files is that first all data are stored to temporary file in the file system and then the file is renamed and the old file is saved as security copy of deleted, depending on client user settings. There are pretty much information about this problem, but no real solution.

      Can this be caused by some strange SMB settings on S7120? Does anybody in the forum have a similar configuration (XP and Windows 7 clients) and have the same problems or maybe not.

      Thanks for any hint about this problem. It is really annoying for the users.