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    need help in approving PO in EBS

      Hi, I am a beginner in Oracle apps and am working on a demo vision instance (Oracle Apps version 12.1.2).I am able to successfully create a requisition and PO in purchasing. However, when I approve either of them after saving ,the subsequent summary/query always shows up the status as incomplete.I have verified that 'owner can approve PO' is checked in doc types.

      Can anyone suggest where I might be going wrong /any other settings that need to be configured ?Thanks in advance.
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          If you are using position based heirarchy, you must complete approval set up for that.

          1. Define approval limit for your approval group.
          2. Attach approval group to document type (standard PO and Requistion in your case) and Job & Postion combination.
          3. Ensure your employer has the same job and position attached.
          4. Hope you have rest of the other purchasing set up done since you are able to create PO.

          Hope this helps.

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            Prakash Kumar
            Hi Raghav,

            It's not clear that which setup you are using for Purchasing approval. If it's Position Hierarchy, you have to follow the instructions provided by Tarun which is also mentioned below.

            1. Create a Position Hierarchy. Make sure that the Position you are holding is mapped in the hierarchy.
            2. Create an approval group.
            3. Assign the approval group to the position you are holding in Oracle HRMS (Assignment Page) based on the document type.
            4. Run Fill Employee Hierarchy.
            5. Try to approve your PR/PO now.

            If you are following the employee supervisor hierarchy then you have to approve the document as supervisor. You can do the setup for this using AME.

            Thanks & Regards
            Prakash Kumar

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              Sandeep Gandhi, Consultant
              See following documents on metalink

              Purchase Orders Remain in an Incomplete Status on Approval and the Action History Shows "No Action Taken" [ID 458222.1]
              How to Diagnose No Approver Found (Document Status Remains Incomplete) and Build Default Approval List Failures in the Purchasing Approval Workflow [ID 295153.1]

              Hope this helps,
              Sandeep Gandhi