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    "Authorisation Error"

      Hi All,
      I have developed J2me app, im my app I am statically implementing the push functionality. I am facing some problems with Samsung Hero mobile phones.My apps version is MIDP 2.0 and CLDC 1.0.

      My application is perfectly working with emulators and mobiles (Some other models).But while installing on samsung hero
      mobile, first time its working fine.Once i uninstall the app and again installing it shows "push registration failed". After that i cant install my application , while installing jad it displays "Authorisation Failed" error.

      So i am dynamically implementing Push functionality, and tried to install it, tat time the mobile get restarted.

      Can anyone help me to solve this problem.
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          check the version of emulator an its of 4.1 version and MIDP is of 2.1 and CLDC is of version 1.1 then they work perfectrly on nokia an samsung basically all depends on emulator ur taking an verion of mobile