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    Log files for DMU


      Do we have a log file for DMU? Customer wants to track all the changes the tool makes as part of conversion.

      Thanks in advance..

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          Sergiusz Wolicki-Oracle
          Yes, the DMU has a log file but its content is not very reliable/legible in release 1.0. The next release should have this fixed. The SQL should be visible on the log level FINEST. The default log location is %APPDATA%\DMU\ on Windows and $HOME/.dmu/ on Unix-like systems.

          One place to check what was executed during conversion, though undocumented and thus subject to change at any time, are the repository columns SYSTEM.DUM$SQLTEXT.SQLTEXT (BLOB with the SQL statement) and SYSTEM.DUM$SQLTEXT.SQLCODE (execution error, if any). The column pair [SYSTEM.DUM$SQLTEXT.STEP#,  SYSTEM.DUM$SQLTEXT.ORDER#] may be used to sort the statements in the approximate execution order (some statements may be run in parallel so the order is not deterministic).

          -- Sergiusz
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            Thanks a lot Sergiusz