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    What is MDM?

    Ratnesh Sharma
      I am new to MDM and have a basic question.
      Is it recommended to put the transactional data, MDM data and warehouse data in a single database.
      or MDM is kept on a separate database and accessed as a service ?
      Please let me know if my question is not accurate.
      many thanks in advance !
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          MDM stands for Master Data Management. Oracle HUBs are designed to manage Product, Customer, Site, Suplier and their specific meta data as part of master data

          Different transaction system refer these master data for transaction purpose and transactions data should not be maintained in a MDM system.
          MDM system should be a separate application or database from the best practice point of view.
          In a HUB spoke model Services are in common use now to transport data from and to the HUBs.

          Hope this helps .