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    Portal session Timeout


      I want to increase the portal session timeout to 2hrs. We have 2 Portal server which are load balanced. The configuration is as below:
      Portal Version:
      .NET Version: 2.0
      OS: Win 2003 Server
      Database : Oracle 11g

      On both the server I have edited the session time out parameter corresponding to the file as mentioned below:

      Portalconfig.xml :
      <setting name="BrowserLoginTokenExpiration">
      <value xsi:type="xsd:integer">120</value>

      BEA Web.config
      <sessionState cookieless="false" timeout="120" />

      .NET Web.Config
      <sessionState timeout="120" />

      But still the we are not able to achive 2 hrs of session timeout. Do we have to make entry in .NET machine.config? Please let me know if thier is any other file where changes is required?

      Also in lower environment, we have our portal installed on .NET 2.0 framework ( only one instance of portal server ), we are able to achive 2Hrs of session time out by modifying the state management session time out value ( default website-> properties->asp.net tab->edit configuration->state management tab)

      Please help me!!

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          Currently, AllowAutoConnect is set to 0, wil lchanging this value to 1 will help??

          <setting name="AllowAutoConnect">
          <value xsi:type="xsd:integer">0</value>

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            As per the documents share by oracle support..only place in WCI 10gr3 ( and IIS where we set timeout value is State Management tab (default website->portal ->properties->asp.net->edit configuration-state management)..we have this valye set to 2Hrs (120 min) on both the portal server ( load balanced)..but still portal is getting time out after 1 hrs..I am not sure which external factore is limiting this to 1 hrs..

            both portal server are load balanced and IWA is implemented...

            Any light on the external factor line SSO setting, Load balanced ..etc will be higly appriciated..Please help!!
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              please note we are on .net 2.0 and portal is used as intranet..