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    BEA ALUI Studio

      I have worked with Studio server with plumtree and BEA 6.1..And I liked working on it, because of the portlet we can create in less amount of time..

      Just want to confirm that can we use it with WCI 10gR3, I hope oracle is not suppoting this product any more and hence its does not come with the bundle WCI...is separate lience is attached to it?? Or we can download from edelivery and can use it if we have the lience of WCI 10gR3..Please let me know if anyone is using studio with WCI 10gR3!!
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          You can download it from edelivery...I guess....but what is the point as it is no longer supported..... I suggest you try something similar to Frevvo Live Forms and integrate it with your WCI10gR3 portal...
          Hope that helps....Vermaji.