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    HCC And PctFree

      We are looking at optimizing storage space and I had a question about Hybrid Columnar Compression (HCC) and pctfree values. I believe the basic compress clause will use a pctfree of 0 unless you specify a value. I also know that compress for OLTP will use a pctfree of 10 unless you override it. My question is will HCC automatically use a pctfree of 0 or does it use some other default value. i would think for archive high, it would use a pctfree of 0, but wanted to see if anyone could confirm this.
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          You can see chapter 3 of "Expert Oracle Exadata" for all details on hcc and pctfree.


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            HCC should use a pctfree of 0 as compression units (CUs) are only written once - rows can not be added to a CU at a later point in time so why leave free space that can never be used?

            Greg Rahn
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              HCC tables definitely default to 0 PCT_FREE. As Greg said, updates do not add data to compression units, rather they cause the updated row to be migrated to another (non-HCC) block. So usually there is no point in leaving extra space in the blocks. You can however create a table with a non-default PCT_FREE. The setting will be ignored for rows inserted via direct path though (i.e. HCC compressed rows). Non-direct path inserts (which will not use HCC but revert to OLTP compression) will use the non-default PCT_FREE setting though.