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    unable to find any sql function like double(XYZ,3 )

    Lokesh Rathi
      Hi ,

      we got a formulae where we have to round the value to 3 decimal accuracy tht too twice. but we are not able to find any double function like

      = round(round( "Rate" / 3600,3) * ("Time" + "Time2") * Factor / No of Sites,3)

      We can use precision also but in the above case we have to create one more measure to consider precision of 3 decimal places

      measure 1 = "Rate" / 3600 Precision=3
      measure2 = measure1 * ("Time" + "Time2") * Factor / No of Sites Precision = 3

      do we have any function to take care of round not to integer but to double value with some precision like sql.