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    Rebuildable asset Proces flow

      Can anyone here explain how Rebuildable assets are treated in Oracle eam vs the regular assets? How is the process flow for Rebuildable assets different from regular assets?


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          From R12 onwards, there is little difference in rebuildables and capital assets.
          Earlier rebuildables used to be assets like motors or tyres which can either be in configuration or in stock (inventory). And rebuildables were assets which you could put in one configuration, remove them when they need repair, refurbish them and after refurbishment keep them in inventory till the time they are put back in some other configuration. So they are transactable. Capital assets were not transactable, but now even they are.

          From R12 onwards, rebuildables can be in stock and in configuration at the same time. Replace rebuildables is the only flow (the one described above) which remains exclusively for rebuildables. Anyhow, rebuildable asset definition, work order (in Forms) and PM schedules are still separate. Apart from this check whether rebuildables can be associated with Fixed Assets and Property Locations. I was not able to associate them when I last checked.

          Hope this helps!
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            Thanks Sachin for your help.

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