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    RMAN to Disk (shared mounted file system) then secure backup to Tape


      This is a little away from the norm and I am new to Oracle secure Backup.

      We have several databases on physically separate servers, all backup to a central disk (a ZFS shared file-system).

      We have a media server also with the same mounted file-system so it can see all of the RMAN backups there.
      Secure backup is installed on the media server and is configured as such.

      The question I have is I need to backup the file system to tape where all the RMAN backups live, I have configured the data set but I get file permission errors for each of the RMAN backup files in the directory.
      I have tried to change these permissions but to no avail (assuming it is just a read write access change that is needed - but this may be a problem in the long run). What is the general process for backup of already created RMAN backups sat in a shared area? I know its not the norm to do to disk then to tape backups but can this be done? I would have installed Secure backup client on each server and managed the whole backup through secure backup but this is not possible I must do the to tape from the file system, any advise and guidance on this would be much appreciated.

      Kind regards

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