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    Sun zfs storage cluster configuration problem

      Good day, friends!

      I've a very strange problem.
      Got two zfs storage *7320* controllers and want to make a cluster. according to manual I should make several clicks to do this, but...
      first appliance is configured the second is showing in console :
      This appliance is being configured as a member of a cluster.
      Please wait while initial configuration takes place.

      Initializing cluster ...

      for five days!!! i've rebooted the second appliance - no change, still initializing.

      Can anyone help? please!!!
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          I've seen this a bunch of times on our storage. The basic problem is that the head you want to cluster is already "configured". This doesn't necessarily mean you did anything wrong! The usual problem is that someone did the "initial configuration" on both heads. However, it can mean that something may have gone wrong in the initial cluster configuration.

          The only way to get past it that I've seen is to add "-c" to the kernel line in Grub when it comes up from a reboot. This does a full factory reset again. So when Grub comes up before the device begins the rest of the boot process, press "e" to edit, then scroll down to the "kernel" line, press "e" again to edit that line, add " -c" to the end of the kernel line, press "escape", then press "b" to boot.

          If this seems complicated, contact Support.oracle.com to have a tech do it for you. It's straightforward if you're already familiar with Grub, but not so much if you're not.