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Hi All,

I need to send message of about 30.000 byte, until here no problem but if I want to increase the size QUEUE limit which is the parameter I need to chenge in my init file?

Here below are reported the different sections of my init GROUP file:


ACCEPT_KILL_COMMAND YES ! accept kill commands from DMQ Monitor
ENABLE_XGROUP YES ! allow cross-group communications
XGROUP_VERIFY NO ! do not verify cross group links
FIRST_TEMP_QUEUE 200 ! minimum is 101, maximum is 850
XGROUP_TABLE_SIZE 20 ! size of the group link table
GROUP_BYTE_QUOTA 16777216 ! maximum number of bytes on all queues
GROUP_MAX_MESSAGE_SIZE 32000 ! largest message size permitted in this group
ATTACH_TMO 600 ! timeout in seconds for locates
ENABLE_MRS YES ! start recoverable messaging servers
ENABLE_JRN NO ! enable PCJ journaling when MRS is enabled
ENABLE_SBS NO ! start selective broadcast and AVAIL/UNAVAIL

In the specific I want to know about this parameter:

GROUP_BYTE_QUOTA 16777216 ! maximum number of bytes on all queues

This parameter concerns the all the permenent queues configured in my init file?

So the setted value(16777216), must be divided for the n queues defined in the %QCT section?:

To increase the Queue limit have I to increase this parameter ?

Any suggestion or feedback will be really appreciated.

Many thanks in advance.

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    So far sounds you just want to increase the max message size, right? If so you just need to increase GROUP_MAX_MESSAGE_SIZE. But please keep in mind that the largest message size need to be less than or equal to 4M bytes - that's hard limitation and cannot be changed by configuration.
    GROUP_BYTE_QUOTA decides the total messages size in all queues. The exact behavior depends on the platform which you are deploying.

    Feel free to let me know if anything I can be helpful yet.

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    First of all thanks a lot for your info/clarification about my points.

    What I'd like to know is considering a queue (BEA MEssage Queue, TUXEDO queue ... etc .....) as a memory area a shared memory area, how many byte can be strored inside it before its limit is reached? Possibly is there inside BMQ init file a parameter that can be changed to increase or decrease it?

    I thought about this:
    GROUP_BYTE_QUOTA ---> but its value must be divided for all the permanent queues defined in my init file, is it so?

    This is the situation:
    I have a client that perform the sends but the server is no more attached to the permanent BMQ Queue so does not perform the deque of the messages sent: at once point I suppose the storing messages limit is reached so, which is this limit for BMQ Permanent QUEUE? (%QCT section).

    Thanks a lot in advance for your support and feedback.



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