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    PAMS__RESRCFAIL exception when locating or attaching to queue


      Recently I got a task to integrate part of our software with external partner which is using MessageQ communication.
      I did some coding and got stuck while attaching to a queue.
      Calling functions pams_locate_q and pams_attach_q throws error/exception:

      pams_locate_q: PAMS__RESRCFAIL, Failed to allocate resource
      pams_attach_q: PAMS__RESRCFAIL, Failed to allocate resource

      I can't understand a cause of this error. Queues are in operation and running. External partner software can connect and execute all normal operations on that queue. No problem at all even if they use the same pams_attach_q function supplying the same parameters.Server has gigas of free space, lot of free RAM, running Windows Server 2003. All other apps work correctly.
      Also, machine that is running my soft is the same which holds all queues and have BEA MessageQ 5.0 installed.

      It doesnt matter if I connect via PSYM_ATTACH_BY_NAME or PSYM_ATTACH_BY_NUMBER, always the same error. Supplying incorrect queue name or number produces the same errors.
      So, my idea is this error is more general one.

      Do you have any hints what the heck could be wrong here?