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    Can't load applet from a kerberized server

      Hi there,

      I have the following problem:
      There's a java applet served as part of a web application. The User accessing the java applet should be authenticated by the web application. When this is done with basic authentication - the applet works fine.
      However when a kerberos authentication is configured on the webserver(using spnego module) - the applet can't be loaded.
      I log in to Windows XP using my user and pass. Then using IE I am automatically logged into the web application. I open the page on which the applet is embed, but the JRE can't load it(saying a ClassNotFoundException) The server's access log reveal that the jar can't be loaded because of authentication error:

      - - [05/Oct/2011:15:19:54 +0200] "GET /peria/Grid.jar HTTP/1.1" 401 490
      - - [05/Oct/2011:15:19:54 +0200] "GET /peria/Grid.jar HTTP/1.1" 401 490
      - - [05/Oct/2011:15:19:54 +0200] "GET /peria/Grid.jar HTTP/1.1" 401 490

      It seems as if the JRE is having problems authentication itself in front of the server? Could it be that or it is another issue?

      Note that I can access the jar file directly via the browser. But when I open the page that has it embed - the applet could not be loaded due to ClassNotFound

      Would anyone be so kind as to point me in the right direction?