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    Enabling SSL on MQ Adapter does not work

    Neeraj Sehgal
      Hi All,

      I have a MQ Adapter that enqueues the message properly in the MQ without SSL. Now MQ is SSL enabled and I have got a .DER certificate with me which I presume is the Public Key of the MQ Server.

      Now I have to use SSL-enabled MQSeries Adapter. The User's Guide for Technology Adapters says to set certain SSL related properties. I don't know how to get the values of these properties. So I have tried doing this.

      1.) I imported the Public Key certificate (.DER file) into default weblogic keystores DemoIdentity.jks and DemoTrust.jks. (I did not create my own keystores, didn't use key password)
      2.) I also imported it into the Java keystore cacerts file. (I did not send any certificates to Certification Authority)
      3.) I modified the JNDI and set the SSL related properties (as given in the guide) for JNDI in Weblogic.
      4.) Then I just test run my TestMQConnectivity composite and I get the following error.

      Caused by: BINDING.JCA-00001
      at oracle.tip.adapter.mq.ManagedConnectionImpl.setupSSLSocketFactory(ManagedConnectionImpl.java:684)
      at oracle.tip.adapter.mq.ManagedConnectionImpl.createPhysicalConnection(ManagedConnectionImpl.java:578)

      I don't know where I should be looking for the cause of the error : JNDI, SSL config, Keystores.

      Please can anyone tell me the steps I need to follow to use the SSL enabled MQ Adapter? The documentation for this is not much explanatory.

      Neeraj Sehgal