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    Temporary Queue BMQ size limit?


      is there a size limit for tha temporary queue on BEA Message queue?

      To explain better the ones managed by BMQ itself, not the permanent ones configured in the init files.

      I ask this since I have this kinf of transaction on my application:
      client send a message by BMQ to Server that performs the receive and send the ACK Message to client whose buffer is 30 KB(30.000 byte), so is there a size limit on the BEA Message Q temporary queues?


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          That depends. In most cases, there is no limit for tmq queue size.

          But you need to know the following things:
          1. On Unix/Win, the tmp queue is stored in the heap of qe process and doesn't have size limit. But on OVMS, tmp queue shares the global section with other queues. So obviously the max tmp queue size is limited.
          2. You can define the tmp queue quota in init file. In this case, the queue size is limited.
          3. If the tmp queue quota is exceeded, the message will be stored in SAF/DQF files, which may have size limit.
          4. If the message is sent cross groups, the message may be in link_buffer_pool when linkdriver is busy for network I/O. The link_buffer_pool is limited.
          5. Each message cannot exceed the specified max message in this group, which is defined in init file and needs to be less than or equal to 4M bytes.

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            Hi leo, where can I see if the tmp messages are exceeded? In my EVL log I see the following:

            EVENT_LOGGER 22-NOV-2011 09:20:38.29 E Message Undeliverable
            EVENT_LOGGER 22-NOV-2011 09:20:38.29 E + Discarded msg - Src=1.261 Tgt=3.155 Class=1111 Type=2002
            EVENT_LOGGER 22-NOV-2011 09:20:38.29 E + Org-Src=3.644 Org-Tgt=1.261 Size=40 Seq=02840003:0663D641
            EVENT_LOGGER 22-NOV-2011 09:20:38.29 E %PAMS-E-EXCEEDQUOTA, Target process's quota exceeded - message not sent

            I've been looking in the 3.155 quere (I think is group 3, queue 155 --> that is the Eventlogger queue) but there ir no pending at all. There are al lot of this errors in my logs.

            What do you think of this?

            We are running BMQ 5.01 in OVMS system.

            thks in advance.