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    Connection reset by peer and timed out (Oracle iPlanet Proxy Server 4.0.15)


      I apologize for the basic english.

      Oracle iPlanet Proxy Server 4.0.15 running successfully.

      I looked at the error log.

      for host trying to CONNECT connect://www.facebook.com:443, service-common reports: timed out waiting for data from client

      for host trying to GET http://facebook.com/, service-http reports: CORE7740: unable to contact facebook.com:80 (Connection reset by peer)

      The Proxy Was Unable to Fulfill Your Request


      The proxy was unable to fulfill your request because it could not contact the computer at facebook.com:80 (Connection reset by peer).

      The website may be temporarily unavailable. If later attempts to access this website are still unsuccessful, you may wish to contact the website's administrator.


      proxy using: http://facebook.com not login, http://www.facebook.com login successfully.

      What could be the problem?