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    How to Set Anychart Bar Width?

    K Cannell
      I have searched for this, perhaps I am missing something obvious ...

      How do I set the Anychart bar chart width?

      When a chart has only a few values, the bars are too wide.
      Client want standard (narrower) bar widths in these cases, not one or two wide bars.

      Have searched the XML settings, have not found it yet.

      Thank you - Karen
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          I have same question and problem with AnyChart in APEX 4.2.2

          I would like to know how to set specific width (or height for horizontal bars) in chart. I have searched documentation and haven't found anything.


          I have chart with scrollbar, but bars are too slim or wide.

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            Hi Karen,


            With AnyChart, the bar width is something that is calculated automatically.  You'll see this mentioned in the AnyChart online documentation on Bar Charts.  You could try playing around with the padding options, to see if such settings help.




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              K Cannell

              Thank you Hilary,


              I tried padding the borders, and  that helped some, but it seems AnyChart calculates as it will - it tries to fill the entire plot area and determines the width that way. 

              Glad to know I am not missing something obvious,


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                I've found simple trick to set bar width.

                You need to use FLASH version of Anychart and enable ZOOM of AXIS in XML definition.


                <zoom enabled="true" show_scroll_bar="true" scroll_bar_position="outside" start="0" visible_range="40" />


                You can also set visible_range dynamically. If you set for example 40, you will have 40 values X or Y axis and bars will have same width.