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    Receive PO shipment with multiple distributions

    Gilad K
      Hello All,
      When I try to receive a PO shipment with multiple distribution in Receiving Transactions form, there is a "+" sign next to the line. when I open the "+" sign I see the distribution line.
      If I received the whole shpiment quantity, the quantity will split between the distributions lines, BUT when I receive only part of the shipment the quantity will go only to one line and I need manualy to split the quanties.
      1. Is there a setup to force the system to split the quantity base on the percent from the shipment Quantity?
      for example: If the shipmet was 100 and there ware two distributions, one with quantity 75 and the other with 25, and I receiving 50 units then I would like the distribution quantity to automaticly split to 37.5 and 12.5 respectively.
      2. Does anybody have any solution to that problem?