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    Oracle Retail on Oracle VM template

      I have one simple request for Oracle: Please provide Oracle VM templates for Oracle Retail.

      We lost couple of months in Discovery project (led by Oracle) just to get the sandbox environment running.
      Now in actual implementation we spend a lot of hours/days/weeks trying to setup test and developement environments.

      Now I need to validate AIP module. The only way I can do this is to spend week or two seting up HW, OS and then AIP module.

      If Oracle provide us with the installation of the complete solution on Oracle VM - even for testing purposes without support for productions - this would save us a lot of time (read: money).

      So, again: Oracle, please provide us with Oracle VM templates for Oracle retail.

      Forum users - if you agree, please leave the comment to support this idea. It might get things moving....
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          I totally agree with you. Oracle can provide Prebuilt-VM's on Oracle Retail Module.

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            I totally agree with you, by now I think so I might have spent months and moths to setup these retail app at various clients and even on my personal environment.

            Please do provide them, you know own VirtualBox, give oracle users some tools.
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              More then year past since first message.
              Is Retail VM template istill unavailable ?

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                trevor north
                Does the original poster work for a system integrator or a retailer implementing the system ?

                If for a system integrator, this is one of the tasks that needs to be done for each project, so rather than installing each time, create your own VMs and you will save the client money and yourselves time in installation but you will need to take into account how to patch the VMs each time Oracle release upgrades, currently approximately every six months. This is made a little more compllicated because unlike previous patches, they have now changed the process so they are making infrastructure changes in minor releases (like changing weblogic server and OID between 13.2.5 and 13.2.6 versions and changing technology for allocations from JSP to ADF in 13.2.6. They used to keep these changes for the major releases e.g. 13.0 to 13.1 or a 10 to 12 but now they seem to be making these in between which makes maintaining an environment harder.

                If for a retailer, are you using a system integrator or doing the install yourself. Oracle Consulting Services can provide experienced technical consultants that would have saved money if your own staff are not clear on the process and it's one of the first tasks they have to do to install the applications (it normally takes an experienced consultant less than a week to get a working environment up and running for RMS (with weblogic/forms and batch compiled) and they will know any issues with the releases because they do this all the time.

                I agree the installation is complicated but thats nothing compared to mapping a retailers processes to the way the system works so if you have struggled with that part, wait till you move on to the real project work. If you havent got experience of this, then you will need to call in help.