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    Floor layout with JavaFx


      I'm having a requirement to implement an interactive data center floor layout. It should display the different partitions in the data center and should display the server racks installed in them. by clicking on the cubical it should zoom into the racks and once click on the rack it should display the rack layout showing the servers and clicking the server it should display various configurations, etc in the server.

      Can this be achieved with JavaFX and any starting tutorial to implement this would be much appreciated.

      Thanks in advance.
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          This can be achieved with JavaFX, but it is quite a bit of work.

          Approach 1:
          Draw your floor layout plan in a vector editor tool (such as Inkscape). Ideally the vector editor should support SVG. Extract the SVGPaths for the individual pieces of your floorplan. You can now recreate those pieces as individual components using SVGPath. Add mouse handling to respond to clicks which then change the position and zoom of the displayed view. Add mouse handling to display detailed configuration info.

          Approach 2:
          Create images for all possible views you will show (the overall floor plan, plus the various zoomed in views). Add mouse handling to respond to mouse clicks and the corresponding navigation logic to take to the different views.

          Honestly approach 2 is probably the easiest, but isn't as 'pure' in that you aren't utilizing vector drawing.