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    [1] Relationship - 1-1CKE; The Item can not be found in 7.8 to 8.1


      I've upgraded a Siebel 7.8 database to There's a problem with a corrupt Product definition that 7.8 was cool with, but 8.1 is not accepting.

      When I validate the Product Definition, I get the following:

      [1] Error invoking service 'Sfg Web UI Service Loader', method 'LoadCfgUIService' at step 'Go to UI'. (SBL-BPR-00162)
      [2] Set of related Objects (DYnamic Model)
      Object Type ISS_PROD_DEF Name Version 7
      [1] Relationship - 1-1CKE; The Item can not be found

      Looking at the Product Definition Tree, I see an entry in the Relationships branch that says:

      (!!!) 1-1CKE - [1] Relationship - 1-1CKE; The Item can not be found (SBL-ISS-00121)

      I am unable to add or configure this product - I get the same error as above reported.

      I'm guessing that someone has hacked out a Product at some point in the past and left orphan records dangling - Siebel 8 is having none of it.

      Can anyone suggest how I might go about repairing the Product structure? Even if I can identify WHERE in the database the relationship is defined (I can't find a reference to row '1-1CKE' anywhere) that would be a big help.

      Note that I've run the 'CleanupSingleObject' method and now have only the Workspace version present.

      Thanks in advance!