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    Essbase installation problem


      I'm encountering problems when istalling stand alone Essbase, version

      Everything seems ok in the installer. When I login EAS console and add the newly installed essbase server and try to login, I get an error msg:

      admin     11. lokakuuta 2011 11:34:19 EEST     com.essbase.eas.admin.defs.AdminCommands.GetUserServerList     Succeeded
      Business Rules Login Successful
      Essbase Server:     com.essbase.eas.essbase.defs.ServerCommands.Connect     11. lokakuuta 2011 11:34:34 EEST
      Error: 1042006: Network error [10061]: Unable to connect to [].
      The client timed out waiting to connect to Essbase Agent using TCP/IP.
      Check your network connections.
      Also make sure that server and port values are correct

      Essbase service is up. I've changed environmental variables(now back to the original).

      Any ideas how to try to fix this?

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          check with essbase services. It seems Essbase is down. Try to restart essbase services and then connect again.

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            Check if you can login through Maxl ..

            What error you are getting is mainly because of the essbase service not available ..

            It happens that you think services have started through windows services but actually it takes time , depending on the RAM you have and other services running at time on the system ..

            Generally after waiting for some time , you would be be able to login , if you see essbase services up.