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    StorageTek 5220 NAS 4.22 ssh public key authentication

      Need some help on trying to setup public key authentication for root on our STK 5220.

      1. copied root's public key over to nas from server.
      2. on nas executed netserv enable ssh public
      3. ssh to nas (get message "Permission denied (publickey)."

      I think it might have something to do with where/how I setup the root directory on the nas (confused here).

      1. I login to the nas and go in to "menu", and go to users
      2. It did show root's home dir being "/"
      3. i could not create anything (files ofr dirs) except for another volume at that level.
      4. I changed root's home dir from "/" to "/<something else>/root" (it allowed me to change the home dir)
      5. I then created the .ssh/authorized_keys in /<something else>/root/

      After the ssh failed, I tried to revert back to "/" as a home dir and it would not allow me to change back.

      Any help would be appreciated.