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    Preview & publish options limited to 'documents'!

      We recently upgraded to UPK 11.0. In at least 2 projects recorded with the older version (I think it was 3.6.1?), I can only publish or preview the topic/modules in a document mode: system process, job aid, training guide, etc. There is NO player mode to choose from when previewing or publishing. Is there a setting I need to change on these older projects to make the player options appear?
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          I'd like to help but first i do have a few question

          1. Is this happening on old and new projects?
          2. Have you tried publishing in a different directory?
          3. Do you preview or publish this on a server or locally?


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            Never mind--I figured it out. I had to re-copy/create my customized publishing style. That fixed it. Thanks!
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              Hi. I have the same problem and found it to be style related. Did you have to recreate your style from scratch or just copy it, giving it a new name?
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                I had to copy the default UPK publishing style, then re-customize it. It looked like there were a few new things in the new UPK publishing style that you might miss if you didn't go the long way around, so I didn't try just duplicating my custom publishing style--would be interested to know if it works! Good luck!
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                  Good Job Brenda ^_^

                  There is actually a note in Oracle regarding this under help it looks we overlook it. Thanx to Brenda


                  "Publishing styles are Publishing Project documents that are stored in the System/Publishing/Styles folder in the Library. Within the Styles folder, each category has a folder. Each output format has its own Project document, such as Job Aid and Player.

                  You can use categories to create customized styles to change the branding, that is, the logo, or format the appearance of the published output. You can also create categories with only certain published outputs, such as Job Aid and Training Guide, to limit the publishing outputs available to the content authors.

                  Note: If you create custom publishing styles, you should document your customizations so you can easily re-apply them, if necessary, after a software upgrade."