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    Access to encrypted data


      Value "V1" (of the table "PS_T1") is encrypted in database (with the "encrypt" method). A field on a page is prompting on this table. I'd like to decrypt this value "V1" when the user access to the prompt. How can I do this ?

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          Replace the editbox prompt, with a dropdown on a derived record
          On the rowinit of the dropdown (if on level 1>) or component (if on level 0) create a rowset that fetches the data from the prompt table..

          Now populate the dropdown by looping trough the rowset and decrypt the encrypted data using buildin function Decrypt

          something like this:

          &FLD = GetRecord(Record.[derived]).GetField(Field.[dropdownfield]);

          &rs = CreateRowset(Record.[yourprompttable]);
          &rs .Fill();

          For &I = 1 To &rs.ActiveRowCount
          &CodeIn = Decrypt+(&rs.GetRow(&I).GetRecord(1).FIELD.Value);
          &DescIn = &rs.GetRow(&I).GetRecord(1).DESCR.Value;

          &FLD.AddDropDownItem(&CodeIn, &DescIn);