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    All Studio 10 and 11 Download Sites broken

      seems all the download links on the oracle sites are broken and point in circular motion or to a paysite.

      I need the Studio 10 compilers from the software Archives for compiling our software on my sparc machines running solaris 9 and 10, and went happily on with my saved sun links... or so i thought. They sent me to Oracle... so far, so good, but... the Oracle Download Pages supposed to get me to the solaris content send me through the Oracle Maze in circular motion. No way to get to the sun software archive that HAS to be here somewhere, according to oracle...

      Then I tried the Studio 11 download ( not sure if it works for me though ) from the oracle download pages but here i go carouselling again.
      Now I am dizzy.

      If i dig in deep and try to go to the downloads from the sun archives, Oracle is asking me a support identifier, which i obviously only get if i pay, as far as i found out...
      and if i try to get the studio 11 i get fooled in circles.


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          With the acquisition of Sun, by Oracle, the Oracle Solaris Studio (frmly, Sun Studio) site has moved to the Oracle Technical Network (OTN):


          You can download the latest release, Oracle Solaris Studio 12.2, here as well as a few older releases. The Sun Studio 11 download page has a link to a page explaining the download changes for older Sun software. That page has a link to the Sun Archive, which is available in My Oracle Support (MOS) for Oracle support customers:


          Sun Studio 11 is available in the Sun Archive. Sun Studio 10 can be made available via a request to Oracle Support.